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What is the role of technology in real estate in the UAE?

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technology in real estate

With constant evolution and an increasingly greater role in our daily lives, technology such as the internet and cellphone communications are greatly present everywhere in the UAE. There are many applications for technology in real estate and many other industries. Many companies in the property market are understanding the usefulness of incorporating these innovations into their operations. Because of this, it is vital for businesses to keep up with these trends.

In this article, we will explore the role of technology in the real estate market. Recent innovations have impacted the UAE’s real estate sector by bringing countless changes, but also many benefits.

1. How has technology impacted the UAE real estate sector? 

2. What are the technologies driving the sector of real estate in the UAE? 

3. How does technology support and contribute to the growth of real estate investing? 

4. Why technology in commercial real estate has such importance? 

5. Which are some of the technological tools that real estate agents need to use? 

6. What is the process for selling a property online in Dubai? 

7. How can Connect Property’s technology help you with your real estate investment in Dubai?

1. How has technology impacted the UAE real estate sector? 

The UAE’s rulers have been fast to embrace the potential of technology for the purpose of improving the lives of the inhabitants. For this reason, it is fair to accept that the technology in real estate has been introduced in the UAE property market to make the processes more efficient. Two-thirds of UAE house buyers recourse to digital methods to collect more information about their homes. Besides, 72% of UAE real estate buyers seek properties online, 65% pursue potential places to live, and 64% investigate possible property prices. 

The real estate portals of the UAE are rapidly turning towards technologies of artificial intelligence, virtual agents, and virtual reality. In such a manner, they are driving the real estate tech in the UAE and changing the home buying process. 

Not just privately, the Dubai government, along with the increased efforts of the Dubai Land Department, are activating the real estate tech. For instance, some of the lead efforts include Ejari, the Trust Account System app for registration of developer’s projects, and the Investment Map Portal, an online real estate investment portal for financiers and businesses. In addition, the Dubai Land Department offers an app for licensed property brokers known as Dubai Brokers. Also, the DLD Smart Pay Service, via government-safe channels, makes the payment procedure easier.

In a broader sense, the UAE real estate sector has observed exceptional growth over the past years, with an adaptable market. This way, investment in this ripe market is lucrative to use the variety of property technology opportunities. As the government keeps moving towards increased interest in foreign property investment and innovation, technology in real estate in the UAE will become even more appealing and advanced. 

2. What are the technologies driving the sector of real estate in the UAE?

The UAE real estate sector is witnessing a fast wave of technological disruptions. Where property technology plays a vital role in the entire ecosystem. With its arrival, accessing the property industry in the country has become simpler and more convenient. Various search engines, property selling websites, newly released CRM platforms, and ERP software, are adding up to the overall functioning of real estate businesses. These are the prominent and modern technologies impulsing the UAE real estate sector:

2.1. Automation of tasks

Performing day-by-day office work manually can take considerable time. Using automation technology in real estate simplifies sending emails, follow-up processes, bookkeeping, and numerous administrative tasks and boosts business efficiency.

2.2. AI based-chatbots 

If you are a home buyer, you will want to search from various real estate portals per your preferences. However, getting information about online listed houses can become tedious. Therefore, this is where an AI chatbot arrives to offer support, becoming a constant companion in your property quest. Besides, if you are a real estate agent, they can reduce your workload and help you connect with prospective buyers.  

2.3. CRM software

By using CRM software, it is easier to manage your client relationships, contact information, and interactions through a meticulously organized database. The technology trend of using CRM for property selling websites is not new, but it will advance further in the UAE real estate industry.

2.4. Internet of Things 

The adoption of this technology in real estate has been crucial to creating an unparalleled level of comfort for customers. By implementing smart home technologies powered by the internet, buyers can view properties in real-time. Additionally, with home devices that contain smart sensors, landlords and managers can take care of the properties from a remote location.

3. How does technology support and contribute to the growth of real estate investing? 

Owing to the technology in real estate, buying and selling property has become much more accessible. Investment values are increasing in many places, for the most part, due to different technological advances. For example, the possibility of marketing real estate to audiences further in the immediate community. As well as the distinct digital methods used to close deals quickly and remotely with investors. 

One of the ways that technology benefits real estate investing is that access to information is now more readily available. Many information services offer valuable analytical data and other real estate intelligence tools. In such a manner, what could have taken more hours of research is now available just a few clicks away. 

Moreover, there are new ways to explore. Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and real estate portals allow you to see more details of a property before you visit. Technology makes it possible to take virtual tours without leaving your office. Besides, with the use of digital printers is possible to create detailed models of buildings under construction to give a clearer picture of how they will look once finished. And property sale sites with reviews give you an insight into prospective property management companies and landlords with a good reputation.

Technology in real estate is fueling change in the speed and security of crucial paperwork and carrying out the purchase processing. Additionally, technological advances are launching new opportunities in real estate investment for temporary leasing situations. By lowering the cost of time and expenditure to negotiate deals, using online services to connect landholders with potential land users, and mining data to match the correct prices to the right purchasers. This way, what would previously have been marginal spaces or timeframes is achievable to make profits.  

4. Why technology in commercial real estate has such importance? 

Technology keeps developing at a lightning-fast pace. It is not difficult to see how it can benefit numerous aspects of your business, from data processing to financial reporting. What may surprise many persons is that technology also has a remarkable impact on commercial real estate. The incorporation of technology into commercial real estate processes carries great importance for the future of the industry.

Technology in real estate can potentially reduce your need for commercial space, and you can save a significant amount on rental costs. Today’s computers take up fewer footprints, and with telecommunication advances and cloud storage, working from home is much easier. 

Another benefit of the technology in commercial real estate is that it expedites various processes. Advancements in communications and digital documentation make it less challenging to negotiate and sign leases. Therefore, it allows your team to be more productive and concentrate on other significant job duties. In addition, by using new software programs and web applications, the management of office space leases is even more efficient. 

Moreover, technology gives access to better commercial real estate data. Years ago, there was some information that only real estate agents and landlords could access. However, now this accurate data is available to property purchasers and tenants. Using these real estate technological tools and counting on the assistance of an agent, you can be confident that you will get a better deal and that you are not overcharged.

5. Which are some of the technological tools that real estate agents need to use? 

Numerous skilled real estate agents spend most of their time outside of the office. Technology in real estate helps them stay connected with their office and clients and be more proficient. Selling real estate demands agents to be responsive and reduce turnaround times for sharing relevant documents and supplying information. Also, they can gain an edge over their competition by employing various technological tools to increase productivity and convert more leads. The top technology tools every real estate agent needs to use to enhance their business are the following: 

5.1. Mobile devices 

Smartphones are the most essential tool of all for on-the-go agents. It is expected from consumers that real estate agents are available to respond to their requests for information. Commonly, they can respond to text messages, emails, and voice mails. They can take pictures or videos of properties as well. Additionally, it is easier to provide virtual reality tours.

5.2. MLS 

The multiple listing service is one of the main tools for every real estate agent. The greatest MLSs have incorporated tax records. Therefore, you will have access to all parcel files in conjunction with active listings, withdrawn, pending and the properties sold of late. 

5.3. QR Codes 

A quick response code is very similar to a bar code and can store a large amount of data. Many real estate agents can insert these codes on business cards, lawn signs, direct mail, and flyers to direct prospective purchasers or sellers to a real estate portal with more detailed information or to their various social media profiles.

6. What is the process for selling a property online in Dubai? 

An excellent way to find a potential buyer for your assets is by listing a home online. In recent years, many marketplaces have been created that allow you to sell your home. Besides giving you simple ways to list your home, these sites also allow you to get in touch with trusted real estate agents.

Once you have found a good agent to advise you, the next step is to determine how you are going to advertise your property. This is key in making your asset stand out on a real estate selling website. Your agent will take care of promoting your property on social media, local newspapers, and various websites. However, you also have the option of selling your home online independently. 

You can find many sites to easily list an asset on your own. Real estate portals such as our site, Connect Property, are an example of this. Once you submit your asset information, it will become part of a comprehensive listing. This online resource can potentially make you find someone interested in your property.

7. How can Connect Property’s technology help you with your real estate investment in Dubai?

Connect Property has the technology you need to sell your home online. We are an online marketplace where property owners and sellers can list their assets. Whether you are putting your home for sale or rent, we can help you find a buyer or tenant with our tools.

Thanks to our advanced search tools, users can look for their ideal home in an efficient way. In general, by filtering properties by price, location, and other characteristics, the investigation process becomes much faster. As a property selling website, we are committed to providing what property buyers and sellers need to reach a successful and satisfactory deal.

For additional help, contact us through our 24/7 assistance hotline. Use Connect Property’s real estate portal today and take advantage of the most recent technology to find properties.

Would you like to use technology to list your asset with the help of Connect Property? Use our phone number, +971 4331 6688, to contact us if you have additional inquiries regarding the advantages of using technology in real estate. Our representatives can also give you assistance if you send an email to  

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