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What software is available to aid in condominium document sharing and communications?

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Real estate owners know how hard managing properties can get. Whether you have multiple clients or need to market your assets, sometimes you might need some help in organizing your business. Thankfully, digital technology has led to the creation of handy software for property management. These systems can notably increase efficiency when completing your tasks, and there are many options to choose from that accommodate your needs.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the software resources that can help you in condominium management and communications. Throughout these topics, we will take a look at the benefits these systems can bring to your company:

1. What functionalities does HOA and condo management software have? 

2. Why should you consider starting using HOA management software? 

3. What is the most demanded software in the UAE real estate industry?

4. Which are the most important features you need to keep in mind when choosing a property management software in Dubai? 

5. Why does the property management software market have a prosperous outlook in the UAE?

6. What are the best HOA and condo management software nowadays? 

7. How can Connect Property help you acquire a property with the best software in Dubai’s real estate industry?

1. What functionalities does HOA and condo management software have?


In basic terms, Homeowner Association Software, or HOA Software, is a series of applications and digital tools that work together to aid property owner associations in effectively executing their operations. It is one of the most important types of software for property handling. Specifically, it provides a more direct communication platform between all the stakeholders in the community.

All HOA software allows both homeowners and board members to manage, share, create, and update important information about budget, expenditures, and financial reporting. Additionally, these solutions also provide a good amount of automation to make most tasks much simpler. Thanks to the many useful functions of this system, the role of this technology has become vital in many real estate companies.

1.1. Condo management software compared to HOA

Both HOA and condo management software give managers a way to streamline complicated processes such as accounting, payment collections, managing the community calendars, and other valuable features. Since condominiums and homeowner associations tend to overlap in functions, the two forms of property management are commonly combined into a single software. In the end, both are considered types of property management software.

The number of solutions and features will depend on the system you are using. Some of the software programs allow users to manage both condominiums and HOA communities within a single system, while others are more specialized in a single one of these areas. The dedicated software might add additional features that will make a specific work more manageable.

2. Why should you consider starting using HOA management software? 

In an era where digital solutions are a reality, HOA’s are an excellent way to introduce your company to latest the innovations in real estate. Indeed, software for property management has many benefits to consider. 

First, every HOA system reduces the dependence of a company on human interventions. Tasks that have a lot of repetition are now much more automated, which is a remarkable way to save time. This notably frees up resources that can into completing another important task.

Another benefit is that tools such as residential association software enable HOA management software to track multiple tasks at the moment they happen. Because of this, there is a notable reduction of potential errors while task completion becomes more efficient.  The multifunctionality of HOAs also decreases the need to invest in multiple solutions, which provides better cost control. 

Furthermore, HOA systems also bring unification into your management. Since all of the data is held in one place, making decisions and reaching a consensus becomes simpler because everyone has direct access to the full information. This also benefits residents, as you can have more direct communication with them and let them accurately know the latest news about the community and their homes. This is one of many excellent resources you can use to look up information regarding properties.

Additionally, the unified availability of information also plays a key role in conflict resolution between members. Thanks to the features of this software for property control, it is easier to access critical information about the work order and pinpoint any violations. This results in a much safer and more satisfied community, as the time taken to judge disputes is reduced.

3. What is the most demanded software in the UAE real estate industry?

As a growing field, real estate has gained great support from investors and local companies. Because of this, tech leaders have provided specialized software for property development that can cover all kinds of functions. The biggest real estate agencies are taking great advantage of these tools, and you can also use them to guarantee success in your business. To achieve this, you must learn about the most requested management software in the UAE.

3.1. Property Management Software

Laborious tasks such as filling out physical paperwork and scheduling calls for maintenance have been greatly simplified thanks to Property Management Software. Also known as PMS, this system allows managers to take care of an assigned property on behalf of the owners. 

This software can simplify time-consuming activities such as scheduling and data entry. Additionally, you can enhance and customize your PMS with innovative features such as VR tours. Learn more about VR technology here.

3.2. Real Estate CRM

This tool is integral for those that want a better understanding of their client base. Real estate CRM systems are an excellent way to increase the quality of your interactions with leads. Customer relationships are much more efficiently handled through automated operations, recorded interactions, and readily available data.

3.3. Real Estate ERP Systems

Although some features within ERP systems have the same functionality as property management software, as a tool, it can give you wider opportunities to streamline and automate operations. It is a planning system that provides a way to connect every department of an organization. Through this, you can gain better insights into the way your company is working.

4. Which are the most important features you need to keep in mind when choosing a property management software in Dubai? 

Whether you want a software for property management because it is easy to use or because it has a lot of useful features, there are certain key factors you must always think about as you choose an ideal management system. You must study which functions you need to give priority to, the way they are going to play out in your business, and the overall benefits they can bring.

  • Make sure the property management software has a simple interface. The amount of features your PMS has does not matter if someone is not able to easily navigate through it. A system’s functionality has to be accessible to staff, and it should also be available on multiple devices such as smartphones and desktops.
  • The database of your company should be stored in the cloud. When you save information this way, data is not lost because it is held in a remote network that can be accessed from any place. The database should also be detailed and thorough. A good information source can help you bring more personalized services to your customers.
  • Out of ant of the functions in a PMS, robust analytics and reporting are a top priority. There has to be a way to obtain detailed information about your services to identify shortfalls. Reporting statistics can save a great amount of manual work.
  • Check if the software for property organizing permits the integration of third-party software as well as scalability features.

Moreover, besides all the features that simplify your tasks, you should also consider vital functions for tenants. Make sure to include direct booking and reservation services. Any customer accessing your site will surely expect this feature. Customizable search features, as well as easy-to-navigate listings, are also essential in bringing greater satisfaction to your users.

5. Why does the property management software market have a prosperous outlook in the UAE?  

Thanks to the high demand for all kinds of organization software in the UAE’s real estate market, these systems have a very promising future to look forward to. Especially in 2021, management software businesses gained exponential traction. Factors such as the desire to limit the number of in-person meetings and the need to improve virtual cooperation made the incorporation of technology in property management a must.

Furthermore, an innovation that will make these systems an essential tool for any real estate business is the connectivity of cloud technology. Thanks to this resource, the way software programs are delivered to clients has dramatically changed. 

Through this technology, software engineers can focus more on the technical aspects of their work because they now have the option to outsource administrative tasks to cloud service providers. As a result, this software for property allows for reduced infrastructure costs and remote labor, which are vital benefits in an increasingly globalized market.

Overall, as more companies understand the need to invest in software innovations, the market will undoubtedly grow in the following years. 

6. What are the best HOA and condo management software nowadays?

As mentioned before, there are many options when it comes to software for property handling. You can always research a system and determine how well it works for you. Hence, to help with your investigation, here are some key details regarding the most commonly used property management programs:

  • Wild Apricot is a remarkable choice for small associations. It has a lot of features and it is very easy to use. While it does not include calendar or work order management, it has functions such as management for events, committees, and websites, as well as a detailed member database.
  • AppFolio is the go-to option for many property managers taking care of HOAs. It is a cloud-based system with simple functionality and a good mobile experience. Some of its features include rental applications, accounting, online payments, tenant screening, and work orders. They also have a rent comparison tool that aids managers in calculating the monthly rent.
  • eUnify is a very complete property software. It has a quick response time, as well as features that receive constant updates. It includes features such as committee and calendar management tools, member and property database, website management, and multiple payment processing options.
  • Condo Manager is a versatile program used by both professional management businesses and self-managed associations. It is easy to learn and very fitting for HOAs. It includes file management, an automated task module, ballot printing, and a web portal.
  • CINC Systems is widely known for its excellently automated workflows and simplicity of use. Designed for HOA and condo communities, this system includes calendar management, member and property databases, website management, and mobile app functions.

7. How can Connect Property help you acquire a property with the best software in Dubai’s real estate industry?

Connect Property can help you find assets that have the best software for property in the market. Through our platform, you can find homes with many smart options and innovative technology.

Use our advanced search tools to look for your ideal home, and we will provide you with the best options available in your desired area.

If you have questions about the ways we can help you with our services, do not hesitate to contact us. Our 24-7 support hotline can give you any insights you might need, whether you are looking for a smart property or need assistance with any property management software.

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