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Marketing strategies to help you stay relevant in real estate

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real estate marketing

As the property market in Dubai continues its expansion, it might seem hard to stand out from the increasing competition. Because of this, it is really important to know how to do effective real estate marketing. You need to keep up with the most recent methods to promote your assets, as well as the ways you can better reach your target audience.

In this article, we will give you some strategies you can use to keep yourself relevant in the UAE’s property market. There are many ways to advertise your property, and we will cover these methods throughout the following points:

1. Why is real estate marketing so important in the property industry in Dubai?

2. Which marketing strategies are most effective to promote your property in Dubai? 

3. What are some factors that influence commercial real estate marketing that you should be aware of?

4. Which steps do you need to follow to write an excellent real estate marketing plan?

5. How is smart technology changing real estate marketing?

6. What traditional real estate marketing strategies are still practical in the UAE housing market?

7. How can Connect Property’s marketing strategies help you promote your asset in Dubai?

1. Why is real estate marketing so important in the property industry in Dubai?

Individuals have changed the way they search and buy services and products online, including renting and buying properties. In fact, in the last years in Dubai, there has been an upward tendency regarding the number of people looking for houses for rent. Moreover, more people in the UAE now rely on apps and a variety of online tools to browse properties.

Since renting and buying a property is a high-impact decision, it becomes crucial for brands to be easy to reach and trustworthy. The flow of potential customers depends on the experience they provide. This is where real estate marketing comes into play:

1.1. Database growth

It is possible to expand your current customer database and gather information about your clients’ interests. You can use personalized real estate advertisement and methods to obtain data on prospective customers who are in diverse stages of your sales funnel. This will contribute to the success of your real estate business.

1.2. Convert leads

Through the use of real estate digital marketing, you can promote properties that are “coming soon”, “rare finds”, or “just sold” with online campaigns. Instead of continuing cold calls with possible real estate leads, you can start engaging with them by employing automated tools.

1.3. Brand Visibility

With the vast majority of buyers and sellers using social media, it is imperative to showcase your real estate business through a well-maintained social media presence. If they are in search for properties online and they cannot find you, they will do no business with you.

1.4. Target the right audience

Real estate marketing can help you target a determinate segment with lead magnets and geo-targeting. This way, you can start a conversation with new or past buyers and sellers in Dubai. Also, remember to change the message according to these audiences.

2. Which marketing strategies are most effective to promote your property in Dubai?

Property marketing is now easier than ever. Agents spend most of their work time finding leads and less time on selling property. As a result, they build up strategies to not fall short on consumer leads in Dubai. A seamless and effective marketing strategy is essential to guarantee the success of a real estate business. Below is a sneak-peek at some of the top strategies real estate agents can look forward to:

2.1. Spread general awareness

In the post COVID-19 era, no marketing strategy or campaign will ever be complete without general health awareness. Promoting the facilities surrounding a home is necessary since integrated ecosystem culture is a recent trend. More than anything, awareness makes individuals feel safe and confident while investing in Dubai properties. In addition, here are some reasons to invest in real estate with confidence.

2.2. Augmented reality

Real estate marketing strategies witnessed a significant improvement with the introduction of augmented reality. Agents cannot deny the high customer demand for virtual experiences. Combined with 3D design, it will give the viewers a spectacular experience. Hence, the better immersive experience a real Dubai real estate agency provides, the more the chances of conversions.

2.3. Video marketing

One of the most effective ways to generate more profits and better leads is using real estate video marketing. Since good-quality cameras are now accessible to many, this method has grown in popularity. Customers can see the property and are easier to convert through visual content, as they have fewer doubts regarding the unit.

2.4. Create a niche-specific market

If you are selling property in Dubai and the UAE, you will have to make sure your online audience is interested in these areas. Otherwise, you are putting time and money into appealing to a purchase-less virtual audience. Base your real estate advertisement on the most common type of properties being sold and bought in numerous UAE communities.

3. What are some factors that influence commercial real estate marketing that you should be aware of?

One of the main things to keep in mind to succeed in real estate marketing is to focus on your initial performance. Once your property is listed, the first few weeks are essential in attracting buyers and creating inspections. If you do not see a strong starting momentum, you should change the approach you have for your marketing strategies.

In case your property is not getting as much attention as you desire, you should look at some important factors that might be undermining your performance. Here are some ways in which you can make your listing more attractive:

  • Investigate the condition of nearby properties and surrounding areas. Study the proximity your asset has to locations of interest and essential services. This way, you can determine if there is a problem among one of these aspects and if you should change your marketing strategy to mitigate the issue.
  • Consider the current seasonal trends. Weather changes and holidays can change the selling patterns, and analyzing these trends will let you determine the best time to list your property.
  • Look at the way local properties are marketed. Researching nearby listings will help you find the best way to list your own property.

4. Which steps do you need to follow to write an excellent real estate marketing plan? 

A common trait in successful property investors is their expertise in marketing strategies. As marketing sets the pace and tone of a brand, a good real estate advertising scheme is fundamental in land investing. This written guide for investors outlines the budget, goals, and demographics of their target market.

In such a manner, the first step involves spending a considerable amount of time identifying your target audience. By doing this, your real estate marketing approach will be better. You should consider several relevant indicators in determining your ideal audience. For example, the location, buying experience, age, income, and search criteria. Besides, it will help you tailor an efficient message that resonates with customers.

Apart from that, you need to set clear and obtainable goals, as it is one important aspect of your business. If for nothing else, every marketing strategy you use should help you gradually achieve your goals. Amid the process, you should also see the techniques and messages other investors in your area are using. Make a list of their strengths and weakness and review their commercialization efforts to stay up to date on hot real estate trends.

Another step will be to determine the type of media you intend to use to broadcast your marketing efforts along with your distribution approach. Besides, you will have to track these efforts to ensure the effectiveness of the scheme.  A proper real estate marketing plan needs to establish a timeline. Having an idea of how long it will take helps investors to know if things are progressing as expected. Ultimately, you will have to review the plan as many times as it is needed.

5. How is smart technology changing real estate marketing?

With the digital revolution, real estate marketing has gained many new ways of enticing customers. Smart homes that incorporate innovative amenities sell much faster than houses without these products.

The trends indicate that buyers are now considering factors such as connectivity and technology much more strongly for their property choices. In fact, statistics show that almost half of the younger homeowners have some kind of smart product in their homes.

But the marketing strategies of smart homes are not just limited to newer generations. Many parents like smart homes because of the security innovations they feature. Individuals interested in energy efficiency and its positive impact on the environment are also a demographic these homes cater to.

Smart homes also provide a more comfortable experience for people who work remotely. Since home officing is still a popular practice, this is also an audience these houses appeal to. Overall, smart technology has changed real estate marketing strategies by attracting those that look for a more secure and relaxing home experience.

6. What traditional real estate marketing strategies are still practical in the UAE housing market?

It is safe to say that over the last years, technology has changed the UAE real estate market. The process of searching for properties has become easier and less time-consuming. However, in the UAE property industry, traditional real estate marketing strategies are still relevant. For that reason, here are a few strategies that you can employ even in the digital era:

6.1. Establish yourself as a community member

It is important to remember that as a real estate agent, you are not just selling a house, but the opportunity to belong to a particular neighborhood. Therefore, getting to know the community and cementing yourself actively can benefit your business. Also, it is possible that people will recommend you if they encounter someone interested in buying a residential property.

To achieve this, take your time building real life-connections, volunteering, inviting people to open houses, and exploring the community physically.

6.2.  Build good partnerships

Having solid partnerships with other businesses nearby can boost your business. For instance, you can partner with local businesses and create a dynamic that advantages both. Creating these kinds of partnerships is essential in successful real estate advertising.

6.3. Observe competitors’ methods

Sometimes, you can gain inspiration from other real estate agents. Unlike technology patents, there are no laws that say you cannot guide yourself from someone else’s real estate marketing strategies. You can have a clear idea of what techniques works and the ones you should avoid.

It is not easy to know how long these ideas will work, but once it picks up, it certainly compensates for your efforts to a great degree. For this reason, you should not be afraid of trying to implement new ideas for real estate advertisement in the UAE.

7. How can Connect Property’s marketing strategies help you promote your asset in Dubai?

With Connect Property, you can put real estate marketing strategies into practice. Our property portal will allow you to list your asset and make its information readily available to any potential buyer. We provide the resources you need to promote your property and make it reach its target audience.

Individuals looking for a property like yours can filter their search through its price, location, and other additional characteristics. This will help you reach someone that leads you to a successful deal. Besides, our simple-to-use interface makes our website accessible to anyone interested in purchasing real estate.

If any user still needs additional help while using our services, our 24/7 support hotline is available. This way, you can be reassured you always have a way to contact us to answer your questions. Get the most effective real estate marketing today with Connect Property!

Would you like to know more about strategies that can help you advertise your property to wider audiences? You can call us at our phone number, +971 4331 6688, to get help from one of our experienced advisors. You may also contact us through our email,, for any other inquiries you might still have. We will send you a reply as soon as possible.

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